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  xDSL Modems

Leased line modems - ahead with revolutionary G.shdsl+ modems offering unprecedented benefits of regular unconditioned copper lines. Up to 20 Mbps over 2-3 km! Available with Ethernet, V.35, G.703 and RS-232 interfaces.

  Remote Power Management

Shorten unavailability periods of your network by switching power outlets off and on remotely and monitoring power supply. Accessible via telnet, secure shell (SSH), SNMP, web and GSM.

  RS-232 Port Servers

Access your RS-232 equipped devices remotely via telnet, secure shell (SSH), SNMP and web.

  V.35/Ethernet WAN Routers
(with Frame Relay, PPP and Cisco HDLC support)

Access the Frame Relay network or connect two LANs using a leased line terminated with V.35 interfaces.

  G.703 (E1)/Ethernet WAN Routers
(with Frame Relay, PPP and Cisco HDLC support)

Use of G.703 streams never was that easy - connect LAN on one side and E1 line on the other.

  WAN PCI cards (V.35, G.703/E1)

Synchronous cards add the functionality of a WAN router to the regular PC working under control of Linux or FreeBSD operating systems.

  Interface converters & bridges

Convert between various interfaces - V.35, G.703 (E1, E3 and T3) and 10/100Base-T Ethernet.

All Tahoe® products have
a three-year warranty period
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